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Things you didnt know you didnt know podcast season 5

‘Things You Didn’t Know You Didn’t Know’ from Hollywood to holidays

Brandon Etheredge

he “Things You Didn’t Know You Didn’t Know” podcast has returned for its fifth season with host Brandon Etheredge, director of multimedia services in the College of Liberal Arts. The podcast, which garners regular listeners across six continents, continues to explore the important research happening across the college. Season five topics include mental health, current events, history and holidays.

As strikes broke out across the entertainment industry, three Auburn experts explained the intricacies of the labor dispute and gave their insight on how and when the strikes would end.

“Something like only 13% of union members qualify for the health insurance, for the SAG-AFTRA health insurance. They’re earning less than $25,000 a year annually. These are working class people, and I think a lot of people think of SAG-AFTRA and they think of Brad Pitt and they think of Margot Robbie, and they think of these big stars, but actually there’s a lot of working-class actors that are really just struggling to have health insurance and to get food on the table, of which AK and I have experienced being those people as well.”
eleanor patterson
Eleanor Patterson Assistant Professor of Media Studies
andrew schwartz headshot
Andrew Schwartz assistant professor of theatre
Abdul Khaliq Murtadha
Abdul-Khaliq Murtadha assistant professor of Theatre & Dance
On the heels of her book launch, historian Melissa Blair gave an early peek between the pages detailing the previously unknown women that determined the direction of some major political upsets in the 20th century.
“In 1936, the rainbow flyers are 90% of the print media sent out by the Democratic National Committee. Each one is printed on a different color of paper. Each one is about a different topic. They would take them to have them out when friends come over for coffee and be like, ‘Did you see this?’ And they spread the word, in that case in ’36, of the accomplishments of the New Deal.”
Melissa Blair headshot
Melissa Blair associate professor and Department of History chair
When she noticed a rise in suicide rates in Northeastern Ohio, Tierra James knew she had to take action. As a sociologist, she wanted to understand the why behind the issue and work with community leaders to help solve it.
“Now that we know where the community is in terms of readiness to address the issue of suicide, we can take those next steps to maybe make people more knowledgeable about the issue or make them more knowledgeable about efforts in their community to prevent it.”
Tierra James headshot
Tierra James assistant professor of sociology
With just two episodes left this year, experts will dive into the interesting characters that shaped food policy in America (ever heard of the peanut butter grandmother?), and just in time for the holidays, a look at the moments in time that have made Christmas what it is today.
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